beolab 3 vs gallo's strada speakers

Has anyone listed to both B&O's Beolab 3 and Anthony Gallo's Strada speakers? The BL3 and the Stradas have both uncommon designs and both companies claim that the design if their speakers makes positioning them in a room less critical than normal.

I have a pair of BL3 and have been happy with them for a few years, but I am curious at to how the Stradas compare with them.

How different do they sound? Would changing to Stradas be an improvement?
I just got a pair of Beolab 3s for my computer desktop setup for full range listening and I must say that this setup (pure music software + music streamer II plus + beolab 3s) beats my stereo (olive music server + Beo Canto DAC3 + ATC scm 20 + PS audio power regenerator) in every single parameter possible. I can hear more things going on with the computer setup and it's not just in the treble region only - details in the bass and sound steering are effortlessly reproduced. I say the Beolab 3s as nearfield speakers are grossly underrated by the audiophile committee. I think it's one of the best if not the greenest solution for a n audiophile desktop setup.
Correction. It's the ATC Active 20s I have. And yes the Beolab 3 matches the 20s in terms of midrange articulation but with less "bite".
I agree that the BL3s are great speakers. I don't know the audiophile jargon, but what I can say is that the mid-range is very clear (voices sound great) and the bass is not less than satisfactory. It is a perfect active speaker to play my apple lossless files through an IPOD+Wadia itransport+Quad CDP system.

Having said that, I am still curious about the Stradas.
Check out 6moons, as they did a recent write-up of the Stradas. Very favorable review. Might help you.

B & O and Anthony Gallo are both very natural sounding speakers. I have BeoLab 8000's as my side speakers, BeoLab 6000 as my rear speakers and purchased the Anthony Gallo Reverence AV as my center channel. The Anthony Gallo's and the B & O's match well together.