Berkeley Audio Design SPDIF Input

According to their website and the photo, the SPDIF input takes only BNC, not RCA termination. I know of RCA adaptors for BNC terminations, but do not know of RCA to BNC adaptors, if there are such things.

What SPDIF digicables are BAD owners using? I use a Stealth Sextet AES/EBU for my transport to DAC, but am not aware of equivalent quality BNC terminated cables.


These are supposedly impendance matched:
i would guess that you can get any cable made with bnc terminations. i inquired when i purchased my bada and they recommended using the aes3 input so thats the one i use. i tried many digital cables and the mit oracle ma-x digital cable was significantly better than all (including the sextet). i am sure they would terminate any way you needed.

i sure love that dac!
Thanks, Comrades. I knew you would answer. I am looking to audition BAD DAC, even though I emailed this question to them and they never responded. I would use AES/EBU for CECD transport, but for iTransport or DVD player would use SPDIF, and now I can use RCA Kharma Grand Ref digicable I have on hand.

Much has been made over the impedance of BNC versus RCA connectors. In my system, an RCA terminated digital cable with so called 75 ohm RCA/BNC Monster adaptors sounded better than 2 BNC terminated cables.

So to me, the issue of what will provide the best sound is not all that clear cut to me. I suspect it depends on the available terminations and design details of each unit, The Monsters adaptors do sound better than the other adaptors I tried (crappy nickel?). Also, the more more metal mass, the longer the terminations may take to settle in. I find XLR, binding posts and BNCs all seem to take longer than RCA.