Berning TF-10 to TF-12. anyone do that?

I was wondering what kind of SQ improvement did you hear? The TF-12 besides the one that was listed this week here. almost never comes up for sale, as well as the TF-10

But I was pondering the benefits, given that the TF-12 goes for almost 2x the TF-10/
Here is the link Richard. I hope to meet you there!
Tôi có 1 pre Berning TF12 khi để volume ở 79 nhưng vẫn phát tiếng chứ không hoàn toàn im lặng. Như vậy có phải lỗi kỹ thuật hay settup sai? Mong câu trả lời
Even at the lowest volume setting (79), the preamp doesn't completely mute.  Nothing is wrong with your unit.  To completely mute the unit, there is a mute button on the remote, but not on the front panel (mute will engage the small dots at the bottom of the volume display).