Berning ZH270 Upgrades

Hi All,

I love my Berning ZH270 Amplifier!  The only thing that’s missing is a bit of high treble ‘shimmer’. Any suggestions on who I can contact for upgrades or suggestions for tube choices or other adjustments that can be made to bring out some sparkle at the very top of this amp?


Just email David Berning. He is the only one other than maybe Mark Schneider of LTA that can work on these amps. Berning’s designs are extremely complicated and I would trust no one else to work on them.

The other option is to buy a new and improved Berning design made by Linear Tube Audio. 
I have emailed Mr. Berning but never receive any replies...

i will look up Mr. Schneider.

thanks much lancelock!
David is generally very responsive and easy to reach. I'd try again or better yet give him a call. He is a very nice man and easy to talk to.

yes, David’s a very nice guy. Even though we’ve become friends he still takes a week to reply to an email from me. He’s is sort of semi retired especially since Mark has really kicked in their production.

Mark is also a good guy to talk to over the phone. I believe he is still out of the country but will be back soon.