Best $5K speakers for SE amp.VOTE NOW!!

I have hear all the good things about Coincident Super Eclipse and Silverline Sonata with low power tube amplifiers. If you had good expierience with loudspeakers in this category please vote for your choice.
Absolutely Coincident! Atlhough, i wouldn't mind having Beauhorn Virtuosy. I heard it offers something that no other speakers do. Either, ESL's or Dynamic. I would like to hear them, for sure.
Hi Eggpowder, I have a pair of the Coincident Super Eclipse that I use with a 12 watt SET amp. I do wish I had a few more watts at times. I have tried many amps with this speaker and SET amps are by far the best combination with this speaker IMO. I get a full range sound with excellent bass and a much more involveing sound than with SS or conventional tube amps. In fact the bass with my SET amp does better than my 200 watt SS amp. I had the Cary 805c, a 50 watt SET amp that had more than enough power for this speaker. If you like SET amps or smaller powered OTLs then this is one of many speakers that work well with them and with 20 or more watts, I don't think you will feel cheated on power. Good luck and if you would like a few more details on this speaker, feel free to Email me.