Best 845 tubes on market as of August 2023

Looking for reasonably well priced 845 tubes for my SET Mastersound 845 amp. 

Currently have PS Vane ACME 845 on my Mastersound evolution 

What are currently the best and most reliable internet sites to buy them?

What brands are currently well regarded. Price range 200-300 per tube. 

I don't care much about sound signature, as long as they are quiet. 

Also looking for decent 6SN7 and ECC82 for preamp section 

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A couple of months ago I purchased the Linlai Global 845 Dream Series 845s and have been pleased thus far with the sound, quietness and bias stability. I purchased them from (Grant Fidelity) ;unfortunately, they are out of stock at the moment. They do appear to have the Linlai Global DG and T2-BE Black bottle 845s. Maybe reach-out to Rachel and get her take on them. All 3 of the aforementioned are with the price range you want to stay in

Stick with what you already have. I have the same tubes as you in my Cary 211 FE mono’s and they are very reliable and dead quiet.

They don’t hold bias very well. 1/4 tubes always goes from 15 to 22. How often do you check bias 

I have 2 pair of the Psvane ACME 845s..2 each in both my SET mono blocks and very rarely have to bias mine.i check the bias about every 3 months.I love them.

Is bias a function of a tube or amplifier ? For example, if I bias a tube and change its location, switch with another tube, would it keep its bias ? 

My experience is that my Valve EE, supplied all my 845's hand demarcated with a number, as is the Base Socket as well, I have at a later date, made a mistake reinserting the Tubes and the bias showed I had done something wrong with the tube placement.

Just ordered shuguang 845B tubes from tube store.
there is bunch PSvane on eBay  shipped from China, are those trustworthy ? What about linlai? PSvane WE replicas are about 700$ for a pair.