Best Airplay Device

I am currently using an Airport Express with a glass optical cable to a Sim Audio Moon 100 DAC. Is there a better wireless device than the Airport Express that is compatible with AirPlay? Thanks very much for any input.
Define "better". If you're talking about jitter than your DAC has asynchronous sample rate converter meaning suppresses jitter. If it is still not enough (jitter shows as a noise - lack of clarity) than perhaps additional reclocker would be better. I use AE but never investigated other devices that can play more than 16 bits since all my music is 16/44.1
Apple Extreme or Apple Time Machine which includes the Extreme wireless in conjunction with he Logitech Touch into a Metrum Acoustic DAC.

I began with the Express. Regardless of what cable you use with the Express it is still a bandwidth choke point.
How about this?

Or if your budget extends further

(this has a built in DAC as well but also analog outputs)
Thanks very much. Do you know of any reviews of the Onkyo or anyone who has heard it?