Best amp for studio 100v3, Rotel , Anthem or other

I'm trying to decide which amp to go with the new Paradigm studio 100 version 3 speakers. I would like to build a home theatre, but 2 channel is most important to me. I plan to add seperate a/v pre-amp, and 3 channel amp later.

The dealer here carries rotel, anthem, NAD, Bryston, and a variety of tube gear. In my price range, I am looking at the Rotel 1080, and the Anthem MCA20. Both, about 200-225wpc, and seem to have good reviews. Problem is, they only have the Anthem PVA, and the Rotel 1070 on the shelf(120wpc). So I haven't been able to actually here either of the amps, with the studio 100's, although I thought the PVA sounded pretty good, but I know the bass performance will be better with more watts. The MCA also offers a 3 channel amp, which is attractive for future expansion, if I want to stay with matching amps.

Can anyone shed some light on the performance of these two, or recommend an alternative. Is one brighter or darker than the other, and which would have better bass. I have also heard some good things about Outlaw amps, which are affordable, or could look at some used amps, but shipping to Canada gets expensive. I currently have an Arcam Alpha 9 as the source, with a Linn Wakonda as the pre-amp. Listen to most everything from Jazz, world music, to heavy rock. I like my music cranked from time to time, and don't want to run out of power. Thanks in advance for any help.
I owned both Bryston 4BST and 7BST amp when I lived and worked in Montreal for a couple of years. They powered the original Paradigm 100 (V1). For the money, and in Canada, I don't think you can find a better amp for the money. Either the 4 or the 7 in the previous ST or new SST configurations will provide the muscle needed to play all the styles you like to listen to, and with ease and musicality.
I have the MCA 20 on my 100v2's and it works well. When I get more coin a few years from now I think I might go to monoblocks or at least a very good stereo amp. But in the meantime - pretty decent.
Odyssey Stratos w/cap upgrade is what I have running 100v3, you will not run out of power!
I have V2,s with anthem pva 2 and diy tube pre,sounds good except when pushed abit,can anyone recomend tube pre that works well with harder kinds of music?
Try a Sonic Frontiers Line 1. Can be found used here on Agon from time to time. I'm happy with mine.
I have the 4bsst / bp20 combo paired withe the studio 100 v2's. They are a very good combo
I'm using MCA-50 with V.3, Bryston SP-1.7 Pre/Pro. Currently have Musical Fidelity A3 24 DAC in the system. I like the sound very much. This is not to say that V.3 won't sound better with a better amp, but you really will have to pay 50-100% more to gain significant improvement.
How about a Theta Digital Dreadnaught II? You could get three high power modules and add one 2x100 module for the rear surrounds.

I'm running my v2's with a McCormack DNA-1 DLX and loving them. Have not even approached clipping. Ears bleed first!
I have a rotel RB990BX, precursor to the 1080 and a Anthem MCA 2, precursor to the MCA 20. Both are very good for the $400 used price. The Rotel has clearly better, more dynamic and impacting bass performance, but sacrifices some detail and imaging clarity to the Anthem. I use these amps with Magnepan MG-III's with good success. Altimately, I prefer the Anthem amp because it reproduces the music I prefer better and likely reinforces the stregths of the Maggies. I have heard these amps with some traditional box speakers (infinity Kappa 7's I think) and the Rotel was far superior, because of the bass performance and the Anthem emphasized the weakness of the infinity's.

If you are considering new prices of $1000 to $1200, then buy a RB990BX and an MCA 2 used like I did for $875 (to my door) and try them out. There ARE better amps out there, but few as reasonably priced.
I own the Paridgms 110 V3 with a Rotel RB 1080 the sound is very Good to EXC.. My pre amp is a Rotel RSP 1068 running in Bypass mode. and a NAD M55 for paying CD's. Im using a AMC DAC 9 for the Digtal (Tube Dac AHHHH) There is a lot of air around the instruments. The width and depth of the sound stage are very wide. Tonal accuracy is Great. A piano sounds like a piano. The Bass is tight and focused but not as large as a Bryston 4B ST or a Krell KSA 250. Overall I am very pleased with its sound and it a real great price used about 600.00. I took the NAD and AMC out of the system and tryed a Blu-ray player and using one of the 5 internal Dacs in the Rotel Prosser (Music 1 Mode) and the sound was still very nice. I am runnig a Monster cable 3660 Conditiner pluged in to a PS Audio Ultimate outlet. Which does make a BIG difference.