Best amps for Janszen speakers?

I own a pair of Janszen Valentina's which I love and have been powering them with the 70 watt PrimaLuna Prologue Sevens. Had the EL34 power tubes and just switched to the KT 77s - which sounds pretty amazing. 

But I'm curious. I've read good stuff about Linear Tube Audio amps but they are only 50 watts, and also suggestions for a 250 watt solid state amp.

Suggestions, on amps that would work even better?



I’ve used my pair of Valentinas with various solid-state amps. The Classé CA-2300 was great, but I could hear its fan running, so I didn’t buy it. If your room is noisier than mine and you can try one (it’s a discontinued model), it might be worth a listen.

However, there are other good choices that don't have fans. Ones I owned and liked very much were the Audio by Van Alstine FET Valve 400R (possibly now discontinued) and my current Apollon monoblocks based on PuriFi 1ET400A Class-D modules. The Pass X250.8 was great also, if you like the slightly romantic Pass sound and can deal with the 400W of heat at idle.

I have never tried a tube amp with the Valentinas for non-sonic reasons (I don’t want the waste heat, nor the cost of periodic re-tubing), so I can’t comment on possibilities there.

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We have partnered with Janzen at audio shows, and we have many satisfied mutual customers.

The Z40+ / ZOTL40 Reference+ is the one to look at for pairing with Janszen speakers.

Pay no attention to tokushi's AI-generated spam post. The MZ3 (1wpc) and Z10 (12wpc) are not appropriate pairings.

I would encourage you to contact Janszen with this question. Talking to the speaker manufacturer about what amps work well with their speakers is always a good idea - at least to gut check your choice. (Likewise, talking to an amp manufacturer about what speakers work well with their amps.)


I have used LTA’s ZOTL40 with Valentina’s for about ten years. I have tried many different amps in an effort to extract the best sound from these wonderful hybrid electrostats, and nothing can compete. The David Berning-designed amps are the best. There is also plenty of power.


Hello I am currently using AGD Audion mono amps with Soundlab Ultimate IIs.  Call Alberto of AGD  he might let you audition a pair.