Best audio and visual for concert films

What’s the best source and equipment for Concert for George and The Last Waltz and newer concerts?

I’m vintage 2-channel McIntosh and klipschorns right now. 


The best source IMO are blueray discs. You will need to get a blueray player with RCA outs to connect to your preamp OR get a preamp with an HDMI connection.

I have been ripping a ton of concerts lately, sound fantastic.

Yes, to a NAS, if you want to create a library and a "concert vault" consider getting a Zidoo player that will have storage as well as play everything. This looks like a good choice:


Let’s ask it another way, where can you great concerts other than blueray. You can stream a lot of great content. The Zidoo has an android OS and you can get geat apps for concert streaming. They won’t have the dynamics of a blueray but thre are tons of content, they add new content all the time, and its cheap:

1) Qello Stingray

2) Plex (has various concert channels that are FREE)

3) Berlin Philharmonic

4) Tidal (streams videos of concerts)



5.1 mixes for authentic concert sound. BluRay best. Just because there are other sources of concerts does not elevate their quality.

I favor 5.1 rips as being "good enough."

True dat, but the OP has a vintage McIntosh 2 CH setup, no 5.1.

The Zidoo has HDMI out to his TV and RCA 2 CH out to his preamp.

The Panny BRD player lacks the apps he would need to stream. Most other BRD players lack RCA outs.

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Don't buy a center channel. use your current two channel system, it will sound fine. Just run the RCA out from the zidoo to the RCA input of your mcintosh preamp.

If you order the zidoo post a pic of your setup and we can provide better advice.