Best audio purchase of 2011

Let us know what was your best purchase this year.

I will start, found from a local dealer the Krell combo: Reference 64 DAC with the DT-10 transport. for those who are skeptical that ancient digital technology is easily surpased with new stuff, listening to this combo changed my mind. This was one of, if not the only piece of equipment which after trying out, and then reading the Stereophile review, i actually heard and agreed as to what the reviewer was raving about.
Wilson Benesch Curve speakers, matched to a Velodyne DD-10 Plus subwoofer.

Second place goes to a purchase I made on a whim here at the end of the year - a used VTL 2.5 preamp -- it actually made a huge difference in my system.
I'd have to say it was my McIntosh MC-402. I later got the Mac MEN-220 and that helped out a funky room acoustics situation quite a bit.

Happy New Year everyone!