Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?

My DELL Precision T7610 is crapping out on me.  I was very happy with it and the synergy with my Modwright OPPO205 and sysytem was great. It has trouble playing WASAPI 768khz on the latest JRiver and ROON. Any suggestions on a store or used bought desktop that is Audiophile worthy? I work everyday and dont have time to build one. Thanks in advance!




thanks for the information and link to JCAT web site..

better sound, no fan sounds like it's for me.

Someone else mentioned a Beelink mini pc, which is a good idea for someone who may not be in neck deep measuring PC hardware.


- Get a AMD Ryzen based Beelink mini pc. The idea is to get a higher performance 6 or 8 core ones that are barely alive, at 1 or 2 % when you're streaming or playing music In other words, don't get a goofy low perf cpu and overwork it.

- Put it on a high quality linear power supply. Keces makes high quality ones, for example.

- Undervolt cpu/apu whilst maintaining stable operation (if pc hardware noob, skip this step)

- Disable Bluetooth, disable wifi. Use a ifi Ethernet filter before plugging in Ethernet cable

- Introduce a Audioquest jitterbug or one those chifi holo alternatives on the USB output.

- Plug in the dac. Install DAC driver. Enable ASIO always.


There is your audiophile PC streamer transport.