Do you, or did you, have Audiophile buddies that you shared music, gear, times with?

In my lifetime, from the military, to business, to racing, vacations and more, sharing all with a close friend was part of the magic of those times.
Have you had someone close to you that made or makes your audiophile experience(s) even better?  My primary audiophile friend has passed, but I enjoyed so many great musical times with him.  From Magnepans, to Martin Logan,  Dahlquist, Conrad Johnson, ARC and so many more....a major part of the joy, learning and more was the friend that I shared nearly all of it with.  The fact that we both liked sports cars, Bordeaux and modern architecture/furniture was also great, but the music/audio connection was, likely,  the best.  I think the holidays make me think of friends and family experiences and music has been much a part of those times. 

Have a good and safe holiday season. 

I have a friend and buddy who I share music and Hi Fi with and we even were each others best man at our weddings. I really can't picture life without him now as we are getting on a bit and I would hate to lose him. We see each other a couple of times a week to chat and listen to each others audio acquisitions. We both love classical music and he is the one with a conventional system and I now listen to headphones only as I don't want to upset the neighbours but I do have a superb setup myself.
Hi jim204, thanks for sharing.  Not to be cruel, but my friend, Chris, and I had the kind of relationship that some women think men don't have.  We could talk about anything.  We both lost our fathers much too early and took on family positions a bit before our time.  In both Father's deaths our Mothers needed us to the point that neither of us  really had the time to grieve our Father's passing. 

The actor Steve McQueen had told his son, Chad, after his son had  a hardship, Steve said "life ain't fair"....perhaps simplified, but rooted in truth. 

What a nice thread :-) mutual interests with a bunch of good friends is a fascinating Venn diagram. Bird dogs, music, guitars, shot guns, hunting, fishing ( and the many derivatives: Rod building, fly tying, aluminum boat building, tubes, fine red wine, long range elk guns in exotic calibers, cars ( not to be confused w race cars ), race cars, antique furniture, mid century ( eck!!!! ), bikes, FOOD, smoking meat, building and flying airplanes, hot rods, remote location recording, screenwriting and actually making movies, ....getting tired....
ya man deep and true friendships- Lord am I blessed....
thank you for reminding me !!!
I used to but they all moved away and settled down. Been decades in solo audio.
I am fortunate to have several audiophile friends. With one or two we get together 1-2 a month and talk about things, listen to music comparing notes on various performances of classical pieces -- but mostly about everything else under the sun. One of them is an amateur wine taster as well; ha ving a few drinks which brings out the best in us.
Oh yes, and we audition gear as well!

@whatjd ,

The actor Steve McQueen had told his son, Chad, after his son had a hardship, Steve said "life ain't fair"....perhaps simplified, but rooted in truth. 

To suggest anything to the contrary would be irresponsible. Yet it happens all the time.

Three of my male friends are into audio too, and a whole load of other stuff too. Our areas of overlap are sci-fi/Doctor Who, classic films/TV, music etc.

Two of them are into gaming but as a chessplayer I've find any gaming beyond Gran Tourismo and Tekken a little too stressful. 

Sadly we've gradually slightly drifted apart. Only one of them got married, albeit only for a short time (he never talks about the split - just something about their differences. One of them pretends to be a hard man (absolutely not), and another won't come out and admit he's gay. We all know he is, but it's his choice.

Interestingly enough, 2 of them have shown a lot more interest in the Christian church in recent times. 

We also seem to be split on politics and Covid. All 3 of them are more inclined to hold left wing views, yet I'm the only one who has studied history, politics and economics.

I just realized that I'm the only one now left with my parents still alive. Hmm.

Me, I try to act as if I'm control and have the answers. I don't think I have a clue. My life seems to have become like it's on a conveyor belt with most of it obscured from vision.

Just getting from day to day keeping mind, body, marriage, family and finances together.

All of us are quite precious about our hi-fi in a similar way that many are about their cars (yes, yet another psychological research project). However time has brought better perspective to our lives.

Lockdowns have put paid to our regular music evenings, at least for now. So our main contact has been via the phone and WhatsApp.

Anyway, it has been a privilege to find others who have shared both my passion (and neurosis) regarding audio playback.
I am very grateful for all of those shared times together.

We were like children playing.   
I have one left in Washington state. Been bud, for 47 years. I heard him playing a guitar on his porch. I was amazed.. I was a mechanic, he was a tree surgeon. Been best of friends every sense. Me moved to take care of his MIL.  Now to move back is just a pain in the rear.

Heck if it wasn't for family I might be tempted, to move that direction.. My problem, I keep liking warmer winter climates, and cooler summers.  I can drag my music with me.. San Antonio type climate. My bones just quit aching. :-) He's saying the same thing, He's never gotten use to all the rain.. Warmer climate.. I sure like it up there though.. Sheldon...

He was a Polk Audio guy, still is. STA, or RTA, I can't remember, HUGE speakers... Lots of drivers.. My Bud...Once a month or so....we talk..
Music, what he has recorded, the dogs, our health, our stories... LOL

My Friend...

Thank you to all.  Sharing and caring is so much a part of the best of America's history.  I had the awful situation of picking up the dead twice in the military, including children, but I also had/have some of the best with my children and friends.  Perhaps the hard times tempered me and made me a better person, but I don't actually believe that.  What made me who I am is/was my family.  My great grandparents, my grandparents and my parents flow though my choices and what I have done to help others, especially in helping others that are not relatives or friends.  I have helped those that had terrible childhoods, and have seen the greatness that good childhoods can help to make happen.  I think that is part of the holiday season, remembering the whys of life, and the whys in so many things/ways. 

I am lucky to have 3 nearby audiophile friends: one in town, prior frequent visits here/there; two others, both 1 hr away, occasional visits until very limited visits with masks. Luckily met Bill here, 1 hr away.

Discussions, advice, shared experiences, past audio shows NYC together as well as listening and exposure to new artists.

nearby friend has upscale everything, cables on elevators, lead shot/sand equip stand, dumbbell weights on CD player, custom speakers, pricey interconnects, power controller and cords ... Sounds wonderful.

He comes here, loves my system. I sometimes bring his cables here for comparisons. Hearing no difference has saved me a lot of money over the years. He enthusiastically got into digital streaming, not for me.

I’m the only one with Reel to Reel. They, like everyone else pick LP over CD and Tape over LP, and Tube over SS. I’m also only one with active FM, via dedicated antenna to Vintage McIntosh Tube Tuner/Preamp mx110z. I aimed my antenna to WBGO Jazz, others are amazed, so many have never heard FM other than car radios.

Also joint visits with masks to a few stores with vinyl, if near NJ:

lots, great finds, good prices

smaller, good stuff, higher prices

huge, got excited, very disappointed, mostly cds

I need to get back up to this small but fun store

several in nearby NYC, 1 hr by train, out of the question now
I have a core group of friends that have been hanging around together for my 56 years. We all share the love of music, but I seem to be the only one with an obsession for it. They do like to come over for a beer or 3 and have a listen, though! 
Past friends, when I worked in NYC, commuted on train for 26 years, I made many friends, similar interests, visits, parties.

Started my own business, home based, I stopped commuting 22 years ago, those interactions stopped, several have retired and moved away, two passed away sadly.
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Had a friend who’d lived next door since I was 6 yrs old in the old neighborhood...He was very much like a little brother and neither one of us grew up to be anything remotely approaching rich but we were both into above-our-means audio and had both managed to acquire “higher end of mid-fi” systems by the mid 80s including a reel to reel apiece.  Many great times dropping by each others’ apartments, listening to the tunes, and making the occasional 40 mile pilgrimage to the big city to kick the tires of the Acoustat speakers so tall they probably wouldn’t have fit under either of our ceilings, Levinson 22 and 23-point-something-or-other amps, and Linn LP-12s.  He’s been gone for 6 years now and I miss him.
I've only had one true audiophile buddy.  It was the early 1980's.  At the time I was scraping by, working the classical records section of a San Fernando Valley Tower Records, when a guy started regularly exploring what was pretty much my private second floor enclave.  We struck up a friendship, and I'd like to say I got him intrigued with the notion of quality stereo.  Eventually, the guy actually became a writer with The Absolute Sound.  He was actually summoned to Hairy Person's house, where he listened to the audiophile god's Infinity IRS system.  Of course, we were both picky as hell when it came to hardware & software, and our relationship cooled.
I've been fortunate to find a music club locally where (pre-pandemic) we get together every month and listen to member's picks of music based on a theme.  We've been continuing in virtual mode.  I've had a number of guys over to my place and been to some of their houses to listen to their systems and developed friendships with some outside the confines of the music club.
What a great thread!

Back in the late 70’s, my friend Andy and I went to all the area stereo stores and shared a love of Halfler to ARC. And the music.  We went and bought the Sheffield albums.  I almost moved into his place when he bought those OHM speakers!  Those Walsh drivers were the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

Sad to say he’s moved to Florida years ago and we don’t have that spark anymore.

I am not a student of the "human condition", ie: psychology or related fields, but over the years some of  the posts to threads would make for a good research study.  Nothing bad or good, just humans being humans with all to good and pitfalls of that condition.  

Here and there but in college I worked part time at the local Tech HIfi and sold systems and gear to a lot of others in my dorm. Having a good hifi in your dorm room was a big thing back then and a lot of time was spent together on the topic.
That was 1979 ish. Back in the olden days. These days most people don’t know a thing about hifi and most don’t care. “Good” sounding music is everywhere. All you need is a smartphone and earbuds.
mapman, could not agree more.  In my early days I complained a bit about my generations point of reference being a Wurlitzer JukeBox.  well that is esoteric compared to an earbud.  

It would seem that from sports cars, to hi-fi, to TV and films,...many things are token versions of what was considered very good in the history of "hi-fidelity"....what we may have now is a sampled version of a recorded version of something that might be like "live" music...but not really. 

Thank you for your thoughtful and honest post.  Part of what I loved about Chris, Dave and Gary (all of whom have passed) was their honesty in all things.  Chris worked for a national leasing company that leased items that cost multi millions (the secret of a leasing company is that they get the income and the depreciation, and as many know depreciation is the next best thing to magic with taxes) 

I hope you and all on AudiogoN have good holidays and that some will take the time to help those beyond their family and there are people that have nothing and no future.  When I provided and  served a holiday meal to 50 homeless people I was humbled and within a week one of those homeless persons died by freezing while trying to sleep in a dumpster.  I wish that this was just morbid and the exception to the rule, but it is not.  It is part of the real "Dark Side" that is referred to in films....that Dark Side is in your town and many simply do not want to see it.  I am such a lucky person to be concerned with the sonic differences between world class audio gear.