best bi-wire cables for ref75se/vandersteen 2ci

I need to buy 12 foot bi-wire cables to connect a ref 75 SE amp to Vandersteen speakers. But what to buy?
All suggestions appreciated.
Going to follow this topic.  For now, I am using Audioquest Gibraltar internal bi-wire cables for my Vandersteen 5A rig.  Haven't tried anything else yet, but these seem to work very well. AQ provides the smaller spade connectors necessary for the Vandy's. 
I think it depends on how much you want to spend?
Cerious Technologies Matrix speaker cable.
Atlas Mavros Speaker Cables.
HiDiamond 8 Speaker Cables.
I use Audioquest Type 4 between 3A Sigs and an Ayre v5xe.  Works great and price is right.  My bi wire pair is terminated on one end with a single set of spades for easy amp hook up.
When I had Vandersteen speakers, I used Audioquest Indigo Blue speaker cables which were like the type 8 cables, only more wires within the cable.  The Indigo Blue had 8 positive wires, all solid core and 8 negative wires in one cable.  At the time (1995) that is the cable Richard Vandersteen  recommended to me for my speakers.
Vandersteen and AQ seem to be well matched. Audioconnection swears by them.