best cables for Classe & Martin Logan

need advice for classe ca 200, martin logan sl-3, audio research ls-3 (unbalanced) for both speaker wire & interconnects.
Eventhough my system didn't match yours completely, speaker:reQuest(biwire),amp:Marrantz MA-500,but hopefully my exp. will help. After tried out several i/c and speaker wire configurations such as Kimber PBJ,4TC/8TC,HT, monster cables, I ended up with Kimber Hero or HT Truthlink (just copper) that goes from a DVD/CD player to the pre/pro. then pure silver i/cs go to the amps. Speaker wire is Analysis Plus w/ Oval 9 on the bottom and Oval 12 on top. The combo gives the 3D soundstage, very clear,smooth,effortless at midrange and great bottom bass.
Try Audioquest Diamond on the pre to power and try out the audioquest Cables for the speakers.I used some old audioquest speaker cable between my Threshold when i had it and now with the Conrad Johnson.Try to use the silver interconnects between the amp and pre.Also Kimber KCAG is a good choice also.Try to get them used so that you can save some loot and it's already broken in.I have Audioquest cable going to my Martin Logan Sequels.GOOD LUCk
Wireworld Gold Eclipse III or Eclipse III. Just find a dealer that will loan you these...and try with your favorite female vocal.