Best Digital Cable around $100 used

Hello and happy holidays to all!!! need inputs on best digital cables around $100 used,theis sonic character,though theoretically all well made true 75 ohms cables should sound the same,we all know that in reality they don't,there are differences among them sonically,best regards,Al
Hi, Rutel: I assume you are referring to the best digital co-axial cable. If so, I recommend you start with the digital co-ax made by "". They make an excellent co-ax cable for $80 (new) - I own two and have been very satisfied with them. Check their Web site at:
Illumination D60 and Harmonic Tech Cyber Platinum are both very good but run @$150 used. For under $100 new I would go with Harmonic Tech Cyber Copper digital cable, or stretch the budget for one of the above used.
I'll try to find the bettercables and spend sometime with it. I'm just referring to Alfred as I have auditioned and using it, may be the Illumination it's not the best digital run but I'm have some fine time with it. For the HT cyber platinum I have audition once at my friend and it's also great but I can't find it around here so I went with my choice "D-60". Thanks.
Mapleshade has a wonderful digital cable for $35. I tried it on a lark and it quickly replaced my HT Cyperlink Copper. What a surprise! They have a 30 day trial. My Rega Planet/Audio Note DAC 1.1 never sounded better!
Mikesiowa: What did the Mapleshade do better in your system? There are not a lot of customer reviews on these cables and I would be interested in hearing your take on the cable if you have the time. PS: I have one on order (the Double Helix). Thanks.
The H.Tech. Cyberlink Copper will beat most others in the under $100 price range, but only by a small but clear margin. The Cyberlink Platinum is another story, it is a high end cable at a relatively reasonable price. I compared it to 5 other cables and it was the handsdown winner. If you see one second hand, GRAB IT! I haven't heard the Mapleshade cables yet, but am happy that there is a new company that seems concerned with very good quality at reasonable prices.
The Mapleshade digital improved resolution, clarity, and dynamics without adding any brightness. This compared to the Cyperlink Copper. Bass improved. The noise floor appeared to have dropped abit. I now have a better understanding of what reviewers mean by attack of notes. On acoustic jazz it's like the guitar players took off a pair of gloves. I was shocked at the value...only $35. This may not be near the best digital but for under $100 I bet it is hard to beat. I've tried other budget cable specifically the Canare and DIY Belden which the HT had replaced. Good Luck
Thanks Mike: Funny, I am using a borrowed Canare cable today (the one that is kind of a faded purple/pink). I was told by the guy who loaned it to me that it is not very good, but I just wanted to hook up the DAC that has been setting on the shelf for the past week and a half staring back at me. I also have a pair of replacement speakers breaking in and no other reference for digital cable, so I am just listening to the music and ignoring the gear for now. PS: My moniker could have been DavidDesMoines, but I moved to LA 25 years ago.
Being a skeptic when it comes to digital cables, I buy the cheapest I can get. But I will stay out of that debate, since you asked. Were I not a skeptic, I suspect I would get the Apogee (Wyde Eye, or something like that?)...
TICE @ about $150, I think, from factory. Have had MIT 3, Monster, Wireworld Gold, and this is CLEARLY the best for me. It really surprised me because I have it in a very modest set-up
I also went after a low cost cable, after the makers of my gear told me they did not hear a lot of differences. I purchased an Aural Symphonics Gen 1 cable from HCM Audio for about $ 60. It's 0.7 meters long (though they have them in 0.6 and 0.6 meters also), and used to retail for ~ $ 200. These have been dicontinued (Gen 2 is out), thus the price. I must admit I've not heard others, BUT the sound on my Muse front end is comparable to that obtained using the Muse I2S my ears. Givne the price, worth a shot!