Best find at C.E.S.

Hi everyone,
A belated Happy New Year to everyone and it was a treat to meet alot of goner's this year. I just wanted to share a couple of things with everyone. Two cd's that not only sound terrific but have great music as well (a rarity anymore). The first I bought from Lenny at Running Springs Audio called George Faber- Blues. This thing is killer, if you like west coast, jump, blues, r&b, soul with a little Zepplin thrown in for good measure than buy this cd immediately. It will take you to the studio with depth, air, soundstaging and jump in your seat dynamic's. I mean it folk's I usually don't rant about anything but you need to order this. The only info on the cd I can give you is a phone number in Il. 217-356-1726 0r the fax @ 217-356-9576.
Like it say's on the cd "All you need to do is listen". I'm sure Running Springs could hook you up as well. Worth the call. The second is something I actually found and is just as good. It's another blues based cd but her version of Willy Dixon's "I just want to make love to you" is worth the price in itself. Spooky sexy in the room with you! This was a hit at more than one of the rooms. Louise Hoffsten- " Knackbroad blues" on Memphis International. I found mine @ Border's so I'm sure Amazon .com has them as well. If anyone has anything else they found please add! Thanks, I mean it you guy's buy these cd's if you love great music and showing off your stereo at the same time!
I have been very surprised by the Stereophile Cantus CDs. I bought two of them at CES, and to be honest this is not my normal choice for listening. You know, raised on rock and roll, and all that crap, but I love their version of Danny Boy, and Shannadoa(?). For those who don't know, this is all choral, and not the kind found in the barrier reef.
The guys at Running Springs asked me to reply here as they are actually NOT equipped to supply the cd "Faber Blues".
The phone # 217-356-1726 is the direct line to contact Geoff Poor at Balanced Audio Technology, the producer of the cd.
You can actually obtain this wonderful cd by calling his family's business, Glenn Poor's Audio Video at 217-356-5456. Or you can still get it from

Many thanks to Lenny and Dan at Running Springs for promoting the cd!! These guys are first rate and you should definitly check out their products!
P.S. The Louise Hoffsten cd is available at Tower Records for about $16 -- you can listen to all the tracks. Some nice music. Interesting that Rolling Stone gave this a 3 out of 5 star rating. The presence of the performer in a really good recording can make the difference though.