Best floorstanding speakers less than $500

Any thoughts on sub-$500 floorstanders? Am I better off going with bookshelves at that price point?

Amp is a tube based Onix SP3 MKII. I can get a new pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's for around $425 right now. Any thoughts? I don't have any issues with going used either!
the canton gles are surprisingly good full range floorstanders--fo to accessories4less. older energ--audissey or c series--are also good at your price point.
Normally, I'd recommend a very efficient, or voltage-loving speaker on stands.
You always have to make trade offs at your price point. Since your amp uses negative feedback and, thus, has good damping ability, I suggest a speaker whose main fault is flabby woofers.
However, the Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's are efficent and present an easly load.
And, since they're 4-way (to help efficiency, probably), the woofer's are, I'm guessing, relatively, flabby (hey, four drivers--you get what you pay for).
So, from a technical stand point, they should, probably, work.
However, will you like the resultant sound? I have no idea.
I suppose I should say I listen to rock and folk, and prefer a slightly more "bright" and forward sound (rather than a subdued clinical sound). But I also like accuracy, too. I understand that I'm asking a lot for speaker recommendations, but I just want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for the buck. I can always sell whatever I buy and try other stuff. And at this price am I just plain old better off going with bookshelves?
Bright, forward, accurate, rock, under $500......used Klipsch, probably Cornwall.