Best floorstanding speakers less than $500

Any thoughts on sub-$500 floorstanders? Am I better off going with bookshelves at that price point?

Amp is a tube based Onix SP3 MKII. I can get a new pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's for around $425 right now. Any thoughts? I don't have any issues with going used either!
I suppose I should say I listen to rock and folk, and prefer a slightly more "bright" and forward sound (rather than a subdued clinical sound). But I also like accuracy, too. I understand that I'm asking a lot for speaker recommendations, but I just want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for the buck. I can always sell whatever I buy and try other stuff. And at this price am I just plain old better off going with bookshelves?
Bright, forward, accurate, rock, under $500......used Klipsch, probably Cornwall.
Don't sweat it. You can get that sound by choosing the right tubes for your amp. Go new Chinese or Russian, or NOS Amperex A-frames, or, maybe NOS German/Siemens and their ilk.
You, already, have an an amp that's not warm. It's "neutral". So, it shouldn't be very hard.
For example, new, reissued Tung Sols, etc.
Ask Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. He'll set you up right.
The Wharfedales are very nice for the money.TSTO sells the 9.4 for $299.They also sell the Mordaunt Short MS-914 for less than $400.I have the 902 bookshelf version (in my wife's sitting room) and they look and sound great! The MS speakers do feature a bright,clear sound from their metal dome tweeters.