Best for the details?

I'm currently using an Outlaw model 950 pre-processor and model 755 amp. My speaker set-up is Energy Verita V2.3i mains, Veritas V2.0iC center, Sonance TR-4000 in-ceiling surrounds (only place they will work in my home), and a SVS sub. I've been very happy with the amp and the pre-amp is also very good considering what I paid for it. However, I cant seem to get the detail I want and I'm thinking it's the pre-amp, even though it is supposed to have a true bypass mode. So, my question is what do you guys consider the most detailed pre-amp/proccessor for less than two grand. Used is fine. BTW, primary sourc is Sony DVP NS999ES with SACD. Thanks.
Pick up a good two channel preamp with homtheater pass through that you can insert between the prepro and the amp...this will take you farther than a better prepro.

I tried the $3,000 prepro thing a few years back, and it did sound good...not good enough to better a cheap prepro used with a dedicated high end preamp though...IMO

I would second what sogood51 stated. The dedicated pre amp, by far, would better any processor/pre. Of all the processors I have used nothing can beat a dedicated two channel pre for the front speakers.