best harman kardon speakers &monitors

i was wondering what are the best speakers and monitors avaiable in the U.S. market [ by harmon kardon and companys]also thier high end / high priced products?
Are you talking about Harmon/Kardon branded speakers or speaker manufacturers associated with Harmon International?

Harmon International owns JBL, Infinity, Revel, and SoundCraft. I'm sure the super high priced JBL's sound ok. I know that the super high priced Infinity sounds pretty good. The Revel is great but I have not heard their latest offerings. All-in-all I think that the speakers from Harmon are good but perhaps over priced for what they are.

THe Lexicon and Levinson stuff is very good.
I own the Harmon Kardon Sixty's, no longer in production. At the time I purchased them I had felt them to be superior to Vandersteen 3's. They seem to be tube friendly and have functioned flawlessly in my system since around 1992 when I purchased them. The smaller Fifty series received a Stereophile class B rating at the time. Highly recommended when and if you can find them (50' or 60's). The Sixty's had a list price of around $3200 as I recall, but when they where selling out old stock they could be had for less than $1500 (a great buy, IMHO). Hope this helps, Happy Listening
Its been a long time now. But I own the Harmon Kardon Model Fifty speaker and I love it. The vifa driver are amazing. I highly recommend you grab one of the models!
I have a chance to pick up a pair of the model fifty. After reading this, I'm going to dive in. 


I also have a chance to pick up a pair of the FIFTY model speakers... supposedly they are in like new condition.  I am just scared of the woofers being dried out and might start deteriorating since they were made back in 1992, just curious how your have held up all these years?