Best In Wall Speakers

Hey Folks:

Looking for suggestions for a pair of high quality in-wall speakers that I intend to have integrated into a built in entertainment center in our living room. The floorplan is open-concept and and while the living room area is roughly 20 X 15 it opens into the dining area and kitchen beyond so the volume of space is pretty large. The entertainment center will be built into the corner of the room and I intend to have the two in wall speakers flanking the TV so I need speakers that are fairly narrow but perhaps with a MTM array to allow for sufficient bass energy. I will not be using a subwoofer so the in-walls will be run full range. Some research suggests KEF architectural speakers may be an answer. I've also seen Revel which look decent. I'd like to spend around $2K for the pair but could go higher if necessary. Also, do I need to create a box behind them or will the cavity created by the corner of the room work and should I have the entertainment center built to create the appropriate size cavity for the speakers?


You will typically get lower quality drivers and compromised specs with in-wall speakers because they need to be shallow and fit inside a wall cavity. Read the instruction manuals on whatever models you’re looking at for correct installation guidance, if any.

Perlisten in-walls are the best i’ve heard to date, with the least number of compromises. But, they are well above your budget. Make do with what fits your budget.

Elac has some in-wall speakers that were designed by Andrew Jones (when he was with Elac). He is a smart guy and tends to do a decent job/maximize bang for buck in challenged scenarios. That’s a cheaper option.

Since in-wall itself is a sonically compromised option (to begin with), lower your standards and don’t bother spending all that much.




Some wall speakers have the ability to 'aim' the tweeters.

Any woofer does better with more cubic feet in the enclosure. Some wall speakers can use the cavity within the studs, floor to ceiling, however, you need to construct that section specially for speaker use, i.e. vibrations.

Deeper Studs to increase cavity, 24" spacing at those locations, 16" spacing rest of wall, wood not sheetrock, ....

do some research about this if you care, perhaps others here know about this.



better sounding: ML all the way .I have their older model on-walls in my 7.2 HT mancave.


BETTER appearance in most rooms to satisfy WAF veto capability.%: MONITOR AUDIO SOUNDFRAME



Thanks everyone so far. The Monitor Audio Soundframe 2's look like they might fit the bill. Are these available in-wall? Hard to tell from the website.