best inerconnect $300 to $400

hello everybody want to up grade my inerconnects.what are the best in my price range. thanks for the help
Hi Crustin. Over the past few months i have been listning to Kimber select 1030, Quattrofil, Mac delta, FMS nexus and coincident ICs. I am torn between the coincident and 1030 The coincident is one of the best ICs Ihave heard. IMO the 1030 is the only one in this group that can better the coincident IC. The coincident throws a wide deep soundstage. Has excellent transparency with a vibrant sound as opposed to laid back. All these cables I have mentioned retail from $800 to $1400. The Coincident retails for $299. Requires a long break-in. Buy it. If you dont agree with me I will buy it back from you. I'm putting my money were my mouth is. Or maybe it's my foot. FIM ICs comming soon.
I just bought a set of Coincident IC's. They replace Nordost Blue Heaven's, Considering that they are at the same price point, $295 vs. $250, the Coincident's are amazing. They sound better out of the box. That's a big statement as they recommend 300 hours of break in. Plus it's cool to talk directly to the owner/ builder, Isreal.
I also have a pair of 1 meter coincident ICs. I broke them in for more than 10 days straight paying from a CD Technics 110 disk changer as a source playing a variety of CDs. They sounded great out of the box but more mellow and defined after even 3 days breakin, and better as time went on. I've not tried any Wireworld cord, but respect the views of those who have. See Arthur Salvatore's site at Good luck!
Brulee and other august members, what dealer are you using as source for Coincident ICs and do they have home trail peroid with no penalty? Cable Co has no listing for these and they carry most lines.....also have you seen any reviews for these in magazines or online? did you find out about these ICs? Sam
Hi Sam. I found about Coincident wires from buying Coincident super eclipse. Call Jon Brown (805) 9344477. He is a Coincident dealer. He will let you listen for 2 weeks. He will try to give you a pair already broke-in. Have not seen any reviews. Speaker and PCs just as good. Sam, I have 2 Coincident PC you can listen to if you like. Wont cost you any thing but shipping back to me when you are done. If you are interested let me know.
Siltech ST-18G3 and ST-28G3 are in your price range new. They are available in .25 meter increments, so you can save and probably still have enough length with a .75 meter.
The Sitech ST-38GT is also in your range in less than 1M To give you an idea, the ST-18G3 which is their "entry"? cable sounded better than Nordost Red Dawn in my system.
I bought a Coincident IC interconnect (RCA) via mail order from Arthur Salvatore at High End Audio (Toronto, Canada) based on his high praise of it. The cable is very direct, uncolored, dynamic, transmits the full range of frequencies, images well, and is very good at RF suppression. It is a bargain at U.S. $299. I ran an A/B between a Coincident IC and a supercable costing ten times more. The differences were very minor: midrange coloration on the human voice and woodwinds, and overall efficiency. I have heard that Israel Blume will come out with a new, more expensive cable in December.
I bought my Coincident cables directly from Israel Blume. Megasam: Go ahead and buy a pair. If you don't love them, I'll buy them off you.
Straight wire Serenade. Between preamp and amp wonders for sound. Wide and spacious sound stage, very detailed life-like sound. Blacker background. Takes long time to break-in. Between source and pre-amp try something like MIT proline balanced. This two combo works like magic in my system.
Another cable in this price range worth an audition is the HT Pro-Silway MkII. Noted for its smooth highs, tight bass and exceptional soundstaging.
Fpeel I concour your analysis of HT ProSilway II, I have some in my "collection", 3D soundstage is excellent and very smooth for silver cable, I must look into these Coincident cables more.......$299 is reasonable if fellow members here correct about their abilities...Sam
Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs are excellent. I compared to Transparent Musiclink Supers and I liked the AMs. Smooth mids, crystal-like and delicate highs, deep textured bass. Locking WBT-like RCAs. I also use the XLRs.
I also use HT Prosilway Mk II - excellent interconnect. I wonder if anybody has compared it with the Coincident interconnect? I noted that the Coincident was all copper, so I hope it won't just sound warm, but with not much clear treble to match. (like some other all copper cables) My opinion, of course...
Go to Audiogon Chat, More Chat, 12 Hours, then 24 Hours, or wherever you can find it, and read Nemo's contribution to the Gold Interconnects topic. He's offering a great deal on a new interconnect that I've heard for some weeks and love. You can return it for a refund if you don't love it too.
Brulee, thanks for your very generous offer, but I bought some Powersnakes this year, upgraded from HT ProAC 11 and really I am afraid if I listen to the Coincident PCs and they are much better I may do something silly like buy another set of PCs.....stock market has been brutal this year, but I appeciate very much your gracious offer, Sam
Just replaced my Nordost SPM interconnect with the Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk II. Although the SPM is a fantastic cable, the HT sounds better in my system and at more than half the price of the SPM who can complain. Good Luck...John
i Have two pair if Coincident IC.I bought fro Arthur At High End Audio.They are the best i have heard.I tried all the big guys Nordst,Jps,Audioquest,Wireworld,Ixos,Cardas,Tara Labs,Alpha Core,You are not going to get a better cable without spending 5/10 times the amount and there are many out there at 5/10 times the cost that are no better.The speaker cable is the same.Its huge value for the $ spent.
No I have not.I have not heard of this cable.Where can it be had.what is their website.I am limited in what i can try.I cant take advantage of 30 day trial offers from the US.Customs puts a 15% tax and handling fee.That means for every 100 dollars of product i have to pay 15 in taxes.On a 300 cable it cost me 50$ just to listen.Not practical.I am limited to what I can get localy.
Unless I missed it no one has suggested Home Grown Audio Super Silvers. No, they are not in your price range. These cables sell for a whopping $69.95. Honestly, I am not sure they fit in my system. But, what they do right they do superbly. Check out the thread with the word "Silver" in it. I can't remember the exact title. With a 30-day money back garauntee these cables are worth a try; I am very serious...these cables are detailed, image well, and produce tight and articulate bass. Be sure to give them at least 200 hours break-in time.
Silver Audio without question. I A-B'd against Nordost Red Dawn and it wasn't close. Extraordinary clarity, neutrality and dynamics (especially micro), great customer support, friendly. I use Hyacinth model in 3-meter balanced. JT
Kimber Select. At this price range the 1010's would fit in rather nicely. Just all around good cables.
You cannot go wrong with any Silver Audio cable. Its' a small company that makes a great silver cable at various price ranges.