Best integrated amp for Linn Tukans?

I am looking at the new arcam integrateds, the linn majik, and the bryston b-60. Does anyone have any input or personal experience with any of these combinations? I am leaning towards the bryston which also has the steepest price. I also recognize the tendency towards all Linn systems and wonder if choosing the Bryston over the Majik is a wise choice.
Get the Bryston, the Majik is underpowered and you'll never hear what the Tukans can do. They may be the only Linn product thats any good. Pull them out from the wall, use solid, sand filled stands and bi-wire them. Nordost cable will bring out the best in the Tukans.
Thanks longplate.....i have them on nice solid, sand filled stands already and they are biwired with linn k400 cable. far do you recommend putting them from the wall. I have been told about 6-8 inches because anything further really hampers their bass.
Just got my Tukans about a month ago. Although the Majik is underpowered (only 33wpc) I decided to go for it anyway. For fairness, the only other stuff I tried was from NAD (don't remember model number.)

I chose the Makik for a couple of reasons. First, it gave me an upgrade path to activating the Tukans. Although I have not heard Active Tukans myself, I have been told from several trusted sources that they sound amazing. To activate them, you will need another couple of amplifiers and the active cards (from linn, about $200.) With another brand of integrated, I think you need something called the Tune box, which is an additional $400 (I think, but am not sure.)

Also, there is some truth to the "Linn System Synergy." So much so that I was a little scare to get the Majik and trap myself into one brand. But then I fell in love with the Ikemi and decided that somewhere down the road I might be able to pick up a used one.

My system consists of Arcam MCD, Makij, Tukans, Linn interconnect and LK400 wire. This is my first non-Sony system, so of course it is better than anything else I have owned. And for kicks last week, I turned up the Makij. It can get some serious volume for that 33 watts. For normal listening levels, it fills my room easily (500 square feet.)

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about my set up.

Good luck.
Sorry about the many typos! I guess that happens when you watch TV and type at the same time.
veeral...thanks for the info. I also am considering NAD on the low end...but i figure if i went for the Tukans I had better go higher end in order to hear what they can do. I appreciate your input on the future ease of going active with the linn system....that is something i need to really consider. Now....i was under the impression that the tukan was a 4 ohm speaker and therefore the power of the majik was more than 33 wpc. I admittedly am a neophyte here but would it be better for me to just get a classik (more power)....and then not have to worry about upgrading my cd (which is now a basic sony changer)?
About the power rating. You are right about the rating, w/ 4 ohms, it is closer to 44 ( i read somewhere.) The actual number doesn't seem that important to me. Tukans are great in a small room and the Majik has more than enough power for them.

As far as just buying the Classic. I didn't buy into the source first stuff until after I had bought all my gear. Yesterday, my dealer did a blind test with me of 5 different sources using the Majik and a pair or Ruarks to prove to me that source really is that important.

If you don't ever want to upgrade and are happy with the sound of the Classik, it would be a perfect match for the Tukans. I have seen used ones go for around 850-1000 but these are without the Tuner. If you are really interested, there is a Dealer in NY who is selling a Demo one without the Tuner for 999. The beauty of the Classik is that after you buy it, you won't have to create a system with Linn. the disadvantage is that if you ever want to upgrade, you are going to have to start over...

BTW, used Majiks can be had for 550-800 in Audiogon and it seems like a really good deal to me. BTW, the Majik was listed Class B in stereophile a couple of years ago, so it is Ok to use with other components too.