REL Strata III -- good match with Linn Tukans?

Has anyone tried this combination? I'm considering it, and would appreciate any feedback (including any installation tips etc.). FYI, my system is all-Linn.

The REL Strata III is an excellent match for the Tukans. A friend of mine has an all Linn setup (Mimik, Kollector, 2 LK85s with activ Tukans) and two Strata III subs and it sounds spectacular. The PRAT is still there but the soundstage is much larger.
I had a similar setup. LINN Tukans with all LINN electronics behind and a REL Strata II. Awesome! Sounds (almost) as good as AV5140's. I now have tri-amp, active 5140's, but I still use the Tukans and REL sub in the surround setup. REL is truly a great product.