Best Integrated amp for ProAc Tablette Annivesary

Hi ALL!!!
Thanks a lot your kindness!
I'm looking for a Best Integrated amp for my ProAc Tablette Anniversary.
Could you let me know your opinion which the best matching, please?

A: Rega Brio-R
B: Sugden A21a
C: Naim Nait Nait 5si

Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes. I am using an Ayre AX7 that has sounded a TON better than my Quicksilver tubes did for years. I have heard the Rogue that sounds great, but AR is a great tube integrated for the Proacs. You should call Johnny Rutan at Audio Connections in NJ as he is a Proac dealer and sells Rogue, Carey, Rega, Ayre, NAD and a few others. He'll be able to hear what you like to listen to, what type of room you have and then help walk you through cabling and integrateds. He may even have a store demo to sell (you never know). I know others on this forum swear by him and he's my new go to guy. I"m even using him to help sell off my gear right now. Good luck and please keep us posted.
As I recommended on your other thread--find yourself an Audio Research CA-50 and you will find heaven.
The AR products are all awesome, but I've heard the Ayre vs their two integrateds and the Ayre, to me, sounded much better from top to bottom. They did deeper and cleaner and are more extended without distortion/fatigue. There is so much low level detail available that you can only hear when you have a totally black background/low noise floor.