Best integrated for SF Guarneri Homage?

Hi - looking for some advice on the best options out there to match a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers. I currently own a fantastic Acoustic Plan Sitar integrated (40 watts per channel - hybrid design)in a 6 x 4 x 3 mt dedicated room - but have the feeling that I need more power.

I listen to Jazz, Alternative and Blues 75% of the time and reasonable levels.

Thanks for your feedback.
I do not know what is the current model, but I had an wonderful time using a Jadis DA60 with the Guarneri Homage.
Do not forget to try the Iter cables with them. If you need more bass a Rel subwoofer can do wonders!
I believe Microstrip was suggesting the Yter cables (with a "Y"), not the Iter cables (with an "I").

I guess if ya' said both of those names aloud they would sound similar, however the heck you're 'sposed to pronounce them...
Surely , Yter cables from Franco Serblin, the designer of the Guarneri.
Apologies for my mistake.
Thanks all for your comments so far, here are my responses to some of your notes above:

i) I have all SIltech wires from AC to speakers (G5 level mostly) will take a look at Yter thou (never heard of them before)

ii) Budget is not an issue really - I am not rich but have good credit score :-) (The Sitar is at $9,500 MSRP)

iii) I had the Jadis Da50 Signature some years back while my time with the Avantgardes UNOs, nice amp and can give it a try again.

iV) I have not had good experiences with subs, they fix some issues but add some other sonic artifacts that mush mids most of the times - I have a friend with a REL Strata and can try as well.
This has been discussed many times in previous posts. Consider Jadis, BAT and Gryphon. I use Jadis DA88S with nice results.
Jeff Rowland Continuum 500 (class D), Plinius 9200, McIntosh 7000, Mimetism 15.2, ASR Emitter, Boulder has a new one out. Used Levinson 383? Just some thoughts...can think of more if you'd like..have fun. There is a thread here that asks "Best Integrated" or something like that. may want to check it out.

David Berning ZH-270

A very good synergistic match with the Guarneris


I just tried a pre/power combo from Gryphon thanks to a loan from the dealer - the BelCanto and S100 were here for a week or so, my findings:

i) better bass control and energy
ii) nice headroom and around-the-speaker air reproduction
iii) great look and build quality as all Gryphon gear

i) not as magical and musical as my Acoustic Plan Sitar hybrids
ii) more fatigue after a couple of hours compared to my reference
iii) asking price to move does not justify the effort

I decided to keep my Sitar until other options become available.

Thanks to all the replies so far, de Bearning was not in my list and will definitely explore it.
Just a word to follow-up on this thread - I ended my search with a Viva Solista integrated amp, great match for my SF at just 27 watts, these Viva amps are something really serious to consider.