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Order of importance of cables
AC power cables first IF you have dedicated/treated AC runs. I have a dedicated run to my room (20A) feeding two MIT AC digital rectification outlets, then to a QB8 Quantum power strip and Echole AC cables - the best tweak and the best invested ca... 
Electronics to go with KEF LS 50
I use them at my office with a NAD integrated, sounds great! 
Class D Ncore Atsah in the house
I deducted your final comments since line 1. Thanks for sharing it. 
The Blue Angel Mantis cartridge
I own one, it is the best cartridge I have had. 
Sadurni Acoustics - anyone hear these?
I heard an early prototype last year and the finished version some months back, when I heard the prototypes I had a pait of Avantgarde UNOs, and the Sadurni's better them in all regards.I understand that the design allows to use different amps dep... 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Just bought a CD1R from GamuT - serve my needs for red book playback! 
Viva vs. WAVAC amps
Fellini - The Verona's look terrific - I assume that they are based in the Solista but nor sure of that.... Congratulations for the rest of your system picks - in particular the Verity speakers. 
Jadis amps and pre-amps still competitive?
They are - but should live in a Jadis world (I mean using a Jadis power amp) 
Vivid Audio ???
I own a pair of SF Guarneri speakers, and these speakers are in my shortlist if I ever change them. I heard them with Halcro amps at CES and really liked them. 
Which 300B SET for SF Guarneri Homage?
I forgot to mention that I use a Velodyne DD18 with the GH with good results, the sub fills the <45Hz that the Guarneris miss to reproduce, I cut the sub at 90dB with a soft 12dB rollout. 
SF Cremona Auditor M as good as Guarneri Memento?
I have not heard the Auditors in my room to compare, but the Guarneris are hard to beat in small/medium sized rooms, they are trully magical. 
New Guarneri Memento vs. Old Guarneri Homage
Great review!.. Enlighting and educational...I have not heard the GM in my dedicated room, I own GH after having a pair of Avantgarde UNOs... i just needed two listening sessions to become captivated by the musicality, easyness and tone rendering ... 
Which 300B SET for SF Guarneri Homage?
I drive my GH with a Viva Solista SE amp, no issues!Great sound, dynamics, punch... Everything is there.... Saying that, and since the 845 tube is a different thing than a 300B I should audition first. 
Viva vs. WAVAC amps
I own a Viva Solista, a true keeper... Has it almost all there, dynamics, transparency but overall tone rendering at is best. 
Review: VIVA Solista LT Tube amp
I own a Solista to drive my power-hungry Sonus Faber Guarneris, it drives them with easy!