Best Interconnects for MC-1 and 9BTHX ?

Lexicon owners: Any recommendations...?
OK this is just my opinion. I have 2 systems an HT system like your MC-1 and a 2 channel Pass Labs system balanced. On the 2 channel I have Signature XLO, but of the HT system I just have some Low-Mid Price XLO connectors and a Few AudioQuest Opals. I just don't think it matters as much on the HT system. Recreating a train crash is much easier then an intrument and I don't listen to a DVD as critically. So to answer your question an well built interconnect by AudioQuest, Tara, ect. should be fine
Hello I have had the MC-1 for about 1 year and have tested several cables and ended up with the Monster Cable 950I and 1000I interconnects. There are several good ones out there but I liked the ones stated above. I compared Straight Wire, MIT, Audio Quest, and some cheaper brands that just did not work. I found the Monster Cable 950I and 1000I to have a fuller mid range and deeper controled bass in my system. However Your system may be differant. I was never a Monster Cable Fan till I tried the 950i and 1000i cables. Still even better if you can find them are the 1500 (which I am now replaceing most of my cables with). If you can afford them the Sigma Golds are really good. But with 7 channels that adds up to more than I am willing to spend. Bob