Best Live Concert Top 3

#1 Genesis- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 1974
#2 Jethro Tull-Thick AS A Brick 1973
#3 Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans 1974
#4 Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Solid Surgery 1973
Sorry couldn't list only 3!
OnePink Floyd Eclipse Tour April 28, 1973
Chicago Auditorium main floor center.
My introduction to 4.0
Better than Yes opening for ELP.
Or Soldier Field: Climax Blues, Foghat, J. Giels & ELP in August.
Mike and the Mechanics
Edgar Winter's White Trash

Qualifier: There are some of the very best live performances I've seen. It doesn't mean they are the best bands ever, although I really like them all, and yes, Squeeze is one of the best bands ever.
By the way wweiss, I've seen all of your choices, and they are great ones too.
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roxy54 Beautiful speakers!  Edgar Winter, They Only Come Out At Night- great album few know about.
At this instant in my existence my top three rock concerts are Bob Marley at the Roxy in the early 1970's, Bruce Springsteen at the Forum in the mid 1970's, and Hendrix at the H'wood Bowl in the mid-1960's.