Best material for speaker cables?

Could anybody tell me, what is the best material for speaker cables copper or silver?
It depends on your system (and room), how the cables are designed and constructed, and last but not least - your personal taste. I can see no answer to your question other than auditioning both types, yourself, in your system. I have not tried silver speaker cables at home in my system, I do however use both silver and copper IC's and like both materials, it just depends on the cable.
Such simple truths do not exist, yet many seem to believe that silver is better. A general observation is that I hear silver cables to sound "whiter", cleaner and faster - therefore susceptible to sounding thin and bright if poorly constructed or employed. And copper cables to have a more burnished, richer and dirtier sound. But I have heard definite exceptions with both. And then there are the cables that use both copper and silver.
Yanomami, I'm not trying to be a smart ass although I may come across that way, believe me it is not my intent. As in your previous post "Best Speaker Cables" the members of Audiogon will provide many options for you to condsider. The bottom line is that there is no one single best speaker cable or interconnect just as there will be no one single best cable material. The brands and models that the members of Audiogon offer are the personal chioces they have made. These choices have been made by spending many hours listening to different cables and interconnects. It can be a long process, but the reward is worth the effort. You will read suggestions of Cardas, Kimber, XLO, MIT and many other "popular" brands. You will also have members suggest little known brands. Each of them is worthy of a listen, because that is the only way that you will find the cables and interconnects that give you the greatest listening pleasure. I have Transparent Audio Labs Super Balanced interconnects and Super Speaker Cable. I have listened to Cardas, XLO, Straightwire, Audioquest and a couple of others, but to me the Transparents sounded the best. Some will knock my choice of cables and interconnects, that is ok. It's my system and I enjoy what I hear. Asking the members of Audiogon for suggestions is a great way to start, I do it and so do most of the rest of us. If you can tell us what equipment and speakers you have as well your music preferences and budget we will provide all the help we can. You will probably find that some of the suggestions are coming from people that have some of the same components that you have. This will give you an even better starting point. Thanks and Good Luck Doug
Offcause it is a good start telling about my system. Preamp is a complet modified tube amp. Power amp is Cary audio (tube)CAd 40M Signature Edition Speaker Linn Keilidh but will be change to Proac in the near future. My Interconect Cables is MIT 330 Tube
Yanomami: My speaker cable runs are 17' which is another reason that I will not be trying silver cable anytime soon. Another option other than silver and "typical" copper are the micro wire designs such as those offered by Mapleshade. I use there Double Helix digital cable (micro wire) and it is very musical in my system with abundent detail. Users of their speaker cable feel the same way. They are however limited (in normal use) to 12' runs. I may try them with a SET amp that will eventually end up in a smaller system with shorter speaker cable runs. The micro wires are available on a 30 day trial basis if ordered in standard lengths of 8' or 12'.