Best "meeting room" bluetooth speaker or audio system in the market

I work for a music platform and we often welcome artists label in the office for listening sessions. We currently have an embarrassing problem (at least in my opinion) that the current system is very limited, either tv speakers of basic ones to listen to conversations during remote calls. 
I've been given the option of getting a good high end system for the meeting room, however, I need the following:
1. accessible to all types of connections (bluetooth, with or without wire, etc) based on the fact that musicians and lanbels often have their none released music in a dropbox file. 
2. Not so heavy as I may need to move it from one meeting room to another. 
3. Superb quality audio without disturbing the office next door that is a notary firm, pretty stiff btw.
4. I wouldn't hurt to have a high end system that labels and musicians can appreciate. 

I was thinking of the NAIM Muso ( but I have not tried it inside an office, would that work, is there something better? 
I would do NAD’s little digital integrated amps with Monitor Audio silvers (or better).

I’m thinking of the NAD 3045 D for instance, which uses a very curious and good sounding hybrid Class D/Class A design. Very small, BT, digital and analog. The only thing it won’t play is vinyl. Here’s a review to the previous model:

The 3020 lives up to the review and is in my bedroom. Also, the 3045 adds HDMI input via the Audio Return Channel (ARC), a sweet feature.


@soundbien - If the Naim mu-so is in your budget, you should give it a try. I've heard it at a local dealer's salon and it was fantastic. There may be similar, less expensive options. However, the Naim is definitely a nice all-in-one unit, that likely includes everything you need, including the speakers, all built into one unit.

If you decide to go with the Naim, you should definitely try to audition it, either at a dealer's salon, or better yet, in your own space. You'll want to insure that it does everything you need.