Best minimonitors in range of 1k -used?

Looking for overall best sounding monitors in range around $1000. New or used including DIY's. Own solid state amp 33Wpc, medium size room...!
Alon Petites sound great. I've seen them used for $650, stands and custom wire included.
You really need to take a look at the Tyler Acoustics Mini Monitor. They only list for $1500 new, with all Scan Speak drivers... and you can get a matching bass module with a side firing 8" Scan Speak driver to boot! I may be able to dig up a demo pair somewhere for several hundred off list. (still with a five year warranty). And *no* it's not something that I have to sell you from here, but I do know the owner. Also there is a review soon to come out on that I'm told will be GREAT. I can e-mail you some photos if you like, and also check with the factory.
,,,thanks, i would appreciate the photo, and thanks for the advice's from all of you..