Best Mod companies to tweak Transports

Have a Theta Carmen II, and would like to see how it could be tweeked by a reputable company that specializes in same for transports.

NB: I only use 2 channel - Using Meitner DAC (BIDAT)
Reference Audio Mods did a great job on my CEC TL-1x transport. Has operated beautifully and flawlessly 3 years down the line.

EVS is on the net at
Ric Schultz has been mod'ing longer than most, his original ideas are uniformly well executed, and his buyers are loyal.
I still have his Millennium Ib, and Millenium II DAC's, which still out-do many newer units, and also his classic, formerly unique, Ultimate Attenuators, which have been imitated by others, the sincerest form of flattery.
His latest new items are ICEpower amps incorporating his proprietary ideas, and very inexpensive IC's, and PC's with high performance for the budget conscious.