Best mod of analog outputs for TASCAM DV-RA1000HD

I recently purchased a TASCAM DV-RA1000HD digital recorder which I intend to use to archive my factory pre-recorded open reel collection, (1000s of reels most of which are collectable), to 24 bit 192 kz sampled PCM digital DVD+RW.

It was suggested tome that I have Joe Wiliams of Audio Upgrades (Carlsbad, Ca.) do the work which is primarily a parts swap replacing op amps, cheap higher grade film caps and film bypass caps for electrolytic in the signal path.

He'll do the job for $250.00, and seems quite knowlegable, but I'd have to ship him the unit and pay shipping costs both ways which will set me back another$75 or so.

I'm also waiting for an estimate from John Hillig of Musical Concepts who does excellent work.

Any others do this work
Why not wait until the warranty expires before you send the unit off for upgrades? If something would happen to go wrong, Tascam would take one look inside and void your warranty. Just food for thought. By the way, I have the same unit and mine sounds wonderful the way it is. Have you heard another machine with upgrades to compare performance?
John Hillig works miracles with Hafler equipment back in the 80. It truly is amazing How different caps that measure the same actual sound when they are made f different materials.

ore than pro recording engineer told me via the various logs that the only defects in the nit has to do with the analog outputs. There are electrolytics that must by bypassed and some cheap op amps and caps that can be swapped out and elevate the machine to an elite level.

Joe Williams will do the job for $250 but requires the unit be sent to him in Carlsburg Calif.
Does anybody know of any other mode=s eing made by electrronic genues out there?

Thes two guys do better work than the factor on the nits they mod.
I have modded three of these units. Two were full upgrades, with Vishays at each location in the signal path. The other was cap upgrade only.

The upgrades make a major improvement. AFter comparing to Rosetta 200, I have to say the stock or modded tascam does not sound as good as the tascam with the Rosetta 200 doing the conversion to digital.