Help Finding a Power Switch for a Tascam cd deck

I know this is a shot in the dark... I'm looking for a power switch for a Tascam CDRW-402 Cd Recorder. I tried Teac in California and one of their Repair stations to no avail. They both said the switch is discontinued although the possibility of one sitting on a shelf might happen.
The part number is: 3E007360 
Any help would gain my undying gratitude...….. seriously..
Thanks for looking,
I add small toggle power switches to units that don’t have them. Just like a light switch only small. Buy at local electronics store (or light fixture parts dept).

I drill small hole in faceplate. In your case, you have a hole in the faceplate, round or rectangular. remove the switch, take it with you. Take unit specs re: voltage/wattage load.

many small switches exist, drill small hole in front, or, find one that fits your faceplate hole if lucky. wire to existing switch points, or, grab incoming leg, add switch, other side of switch to where that input leg was going.

you only interrupt 1 leg, draw two parralel lines. interrupt one line with an S.

another method is bypass switch internally, and add a line cord switch, or plug into a switchable device, i.e. power from pre-amp switched outlet.
best quick guess is that it is an alps TV-3 switch, which are now discontinued.

There are replacements.

In the service manual, under parts, there will be a better descriptor or part number than you have given.

You have given a Teac part number, which the actual switch -is not.

There is a near 100% chance it is an alps made switch and a high chance it is an alps tv-3 switch.