Best monitor for under $1500?

Need some advice from all of you. I have just built a project studio in my basement and I am in the market for some really accurate studio monitors. I have up to $1500 to spend, prefer to buy used = more value for the money. How about some recommendations. I already have a pair of small nearfields, and I am looking for something that can give me accurate bass down to at least 35hz. I know a guy who would sell me a pair of Cello Legends for approx. $1900, but that's just a little out of my price range. He also has some PMC FB1+ for $1500, but I'd prefer speakers I can mount on the wall. Thanks in advance.
The GMA Europa is pretty dang good in my opinion for $995.00/pair. It's good enough for Joe Ferla, longtime Sony recording engineer also.
Thanks for all your inputs. I ended up buying a used pair of Cello Legends for $1900 plus shipping. From everything I've read, they are some really descent speakers. Can't wait to get them.

Before buying any product you should know about the product well. The main thing while buying monitor is that you are buying the latest version of monitor. For this you should get information first about monitor.


Underwood HiFi new monitor $599

Our new LSA Signature 50 will ship by the end of February. We think it will set a new standard in a high performance affordable monitor. Below is a first shot of the finished speakers. Better photos to follow once we get our shipment. Our competitors offer 6-8 pound speakers in cheap vinyl boxes. This is a 23 pound, rear ported, beautiful real wood enclosure with leather top and fronts. It features superb drivers and custom crossovers.
These speakers will retail at $599.00 and will be introduced at $499.00 a pair.
Even we are shocked at the 32Hz bass response

Holy macaroons!

That has to be the nicest looking $500 pair of speakers made anywhere by anyone.