Best monoblock amps for $2000 used

Thinking about going the monoblock amp way. I would like to purchase a used pair
with a budget of $2000. Any suggestions. My preamp will be a Jolida fusion.

I came across Classe a lot, never heard them but all the reviews I have read were very positive. As I am experimenting, tweaking, I came to believe that a tube + SS combination may be best for my ears and monoblocks is the way to go. (Tube pre mono SS) One can only dream :) 

+1 Odyssey amps- an very rare sonic bargain 

The Jolita tube pre plus a SS amp may prove satisfying 

Yepper on Odyssey. I sold my top of the line Kismet monos a year ago and still kicking myself in the ass. Try to score a pair in the Stratos cases. You can do more upgrades than in the Khartago cases. As good as they are re-sale is very affordable. Make sure you insure the shipment. Klaus’s boxes are not his strong suit. 

Two affordable suggestions with upgrade paths:

1. New Odyssey Khartago stereo chassis with Kismit upgrade. When funds allow, send it back to Odyssey to convert to more powerful monoblock and buy another one. They have a very affordable upgrade option to support this

2.  Buy used older Khartago monoblocks (should be in your budget). When funds allow, send them back to be upgraded to Kismit level. 

Both of these options offer gutsy but balanced sounding solid state amps.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 

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