Best monoblock amps for $2000 used

Thinking about going the monoblock amp way. I would like to purchase a used pair
with a budget of $2000. Any suggestions. My preamp will be a Jolida fusion.
@markj941 - You're going to need to provide more information to get any informed recommendations. What speakers do you have? Are you looking for tube or solid state amps? What is your room size? What type of music do you prefer? How loud do you want to listen?
I'm curious as to why you want to go for monoblock amps on a limited budget.
Generally, you get more bang for your buck with fewer chassis'.
I would think that $2000 would get you a better stereo amp than monoblock amps. 
$2500 would probably get you a better integrated amp.

The more chassis' you want, the more $$$ you will need to spend.
Go fishing for MFA monoblocks.

Wait until they appear. Be stubborn.

Just checked. Gone the way of the dodo bird. The odd used set used to appear. None around, all in people's systems and not coming out.
I would be looking for tube amps. My speakers are Silverline audio
Sonatina Mk IV's. I listen to mostly jazz, and some rock from the 60's
and 70's. Room size?It's an open floor plan, with the listening area
probably 14' by 18'.

I hate to say it, but if you really want monoblocks for that price, the best you will probably do on recent stuff is Emotiva XPA-1 or 1L.  Or look for some really old equipment.  There's a set of Class M700 (90s) on ebay.

like jmcgrogan2 - you're probably better off getting a stereo amp. For example, Parasound A21.

I seriously doubt you can find ‘quality’ and newer tube monoblocks in your price range. 

While you considering your options, I would recommend looking into ATI’s Class D amps, I own a pair of 544 series amps and they are quite amazing.

Prepare to pay more for monoblocks as jmcgrogan2 pointed out. 
@markj941 - As already stated, for a $2K budget you are likely going to have difficulty finding quality tube monoblocks. If they are enough power, you could use something like the Bottlehead Paramours, however most were built as kits and you have to be careful about the build quality. I built a pair for myself several years ago and they were pretty darn good driving a pair of Reference 3A MM DeCapo speakers in a small/medium sized room. Otherwise, you might find a pair of rebuilt Dynaco 35's, but again you have to consider condition/re-build quality.

For something completely different, but also very good sounding, you could buy a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro's. They are stereo, but bridgeable. I had a pair and thought they sounded very good. I did have A/C noise problems with them and had to run them off of the same outlet to get rid of the hum. But on the same outlet, they sounded really good. Should be well within your budget, if you can find them.

Honestly, with a $2k budget, I would stick to a stereo amp unless you simply had to get the amps off the audio shelf and located close to the speakers. You can buy lots of quality stereo amps within your budget.

There's a nice pair of Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks here on A'gon sold by Quest For Sound for $2200, modified AES/Cary six pack monoblocks on USAudiomart for $1500, Icon monoblocks also on USAudiomart for $2500, a pair of Cary SLM 100 on USAudiomart, a pair of Hyperion HT88 for $1450CAD on Canuck Audio Mart (CAM), and surely many others....  If you want tube monoblocks, there are plenty of good options for $2000 or so.  Good luck!
why is monoblock so important?   a good stereo amp is better than maybe not as good mono's
I have a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos , paid $1050 used, like new only a year and a half old....   honestly if I paid $1895 new i would still feel like it was a tremendous value......   40 watts with stock EL34 which sound quiet good.   45 with KT88s , ive run them with both and really like the KT66 that are in them now.....   put it this way, if i ever replace them I will never sell them.  They are that good.   And if i do it will be with a pair of 120 monos
I concur with Dweller.  In that price range Klaus Bunge of Odyssey can likely build you Khartago amps. I would recommend an upgrade to extremes.  These amps for the money rival anything under $5k and I will tell you I have seen his bigger amps give $10k amps a run for their money.  There are certainly better amps but these solid state units are pretty darn good.  They are built in Indianapolis and based on a German design.  
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Is Rowland model 1 bridgeable, I don't remember? You can probably find two of them for about $2500 or so.
What is the difference between two mono block amps and one dual-mono stereo amp? Many times you can get the dual-mono stereo amp or even an integrated dual mono stereo amp for a better price. I had heard this one and it is very good, although this model is discontinued.
Several good suggestions made here. I did not realize there were so many good choices for under $2000.
Please let us know wat you decied to purchase.
I bought three used Marantz MA500 monoblocks 125 watts for like $300 each and they work excellent.
One of my favorite mono block pairs at any price is the SST Ampzilla 2000.  I have seen these a few times for $2500 a pair. 
I am using an Odyssey Stratos Extreme with the Jolida Fusion Pre and it is a very good combo IMO. Very meat on the bones almost tubey midrange but fast and great bass. I would think 2 k will get you into some used nice used Odyssey monoblocks. 
tinlub, I owned a "Son of Ampzilla" back in the seventies. Great amp as
I remember. Thanks for the memories.

mofojo, I have the Jolida fusion pre, but haven't used it yet. I will look into
the Odyssey product you mentioned. I'm currently using a Jolida fusion
801 integrated amp. Any comment on the comparison of the Odyssey
vs the 801?
The SST Ampzilla 2000 mono blocks as well as the Son of Ampzilla 2000 are a different animal from the Ampzilla and Son of Ampzilla from the 70's.  
There is a new Son of Ampzilla II out now also and it is yet a different amplifier.... 
My recommendation was the Ampzilla 2000 Mono .Blocks

There are a ton of reviews out there, here is 1

How about the Teddy Pardo MB100 monoblocks? Some say they sound better than Naim NAP 135.
I have a pair of Audio Space EL34 which i was about to list. You can find a good review on 6moons. These are a great sounding mono blocks. Contact me if you need more details.
For $2500 and shipping costs I have a mint set a bell canto mono blocks used in a second system I am second owner fabulous class monologues read the reviews
Yes, if I were looking for a set of monoblock amps in that price range (2-3K), I would be considering Odyssey SS or Quicksilver tube. The choice would be driven by the speaker system. 
I say quicksilvers. The Schiit vidars require Balanced connection for monoblock use
Enthusiastically recommend the mono blocks by Electron Kinetics, now EKSC Eagle. The company was originally conceived by John Iverson after the breakup of Electro Research.  
The model 400's were the first mono blocks and many others have followed.  Russell Sherwood acquired the company and has very substantial increased amplifier knowledge that has allowed all Electro Research, Electron Kinetics, and EKSC Eagle products to be upgraded to continue incredible performance from these earlier robust designs.
I currently own a used pair of 11 Prime mono blocks.  Very likely the crème de la crème of them all.
These will be difficult to find as owners are often so pleased that they never let them out of their mitts, even gladly selling their tubed counterparts to own the Eagles!  Look for EKSC Eagle branding as they have been upgraded and will perform exceedingly well.

Thank you all for your input. I see I indeed have a considerable number
of options in the $2000 range.
Quicksilver, Odyssey, Classe’ M700 monos and Jolida jd 3000a to mention a few. Also, there's been comments on solid state as an option.
Honestly, I thought "class D" amps were mostly for car installs and most
receivers. What an education this site can provide. I've looked into both the Jeff Rowland 201's and Bel Canto ref500/ref1000. Can you help explain the pros and cons of a "D" amp hooked up to a tube pre?

Last year I decided that I really did not like Class D amps.  I have listened to them, but they are just too clean -- they are extremely clean, but they just did not reach out and grab me - it was just not emotionally engaging.  I did not get excited listening to them.

However, there a couple Class D monoblocks you could look at.  These have discrete Class A input stages which will make the amps more rich sounding and engaging.  Keep an eye out for a set of used PS Audio Stellar M700 monoblocks.  You could also look at the Nord One Up or One Up SE monoblocks.  Choose the Sparkos op amp for this as it is definitely a warmer/richer sound.  I use Sparkos op amps in both my DAC and line mixer from my computer system and they are awesome sounding.

I'd be cautious about wired VTA products.

As built by VTA, the M-125's were very noisy, but can be quietened quite a bit. In my case, almost 40db.

Complete instructions:

Dayens Ampino monoblocks - about as good as it gets for the $$ and they’re incredible quality 

Unless you have a specific reason for 2 amps, I highly recommend a LSA Voyager GaN 350 which is dual mono in one chassis. They come up FS occasionally

Another shameless plug for Odyssey!!

Have a Kismet amp and will never part with it!!

Call him in Klaus in the evening ....

I came across Classe a lot, never heard them but all the reviews I have read were very positive. As I am experimenting, tweaking, I came to believe that a tube + SS combination may be best for my ears and monoblocks is the way to go. (Tube pre mono SS) One can only dream :) 

+1 Odyssey amps- an very rare sonic bargain 

The Jolita tube pre plus a SS amp may prove satisfying 

Yepper on Odyssey. I sold my top of the line Kismet monos a year ago and still kicking myself in the ass. Try to score a pair in the Stratos cases. You can do more upgrades than in the Khartago cases. As good as they are re-sale is very affordable. Make sure you insure the shipment. Klaus’s boxes are not his strong suit. 

Two affordable suggestions with upgrade paths:

1. New Odyssey Khartago stereo chassis with Kismit upgrade. When funds allow, send it back to Odyssey to convert to more powerful monoblock and buy another one. They have a very affordable upgrade option to support this

2.  Buy used older Khartago monoblocks (should be in your budget). When funds allow, send them back to be upgraded to Kismit level. 

Both of these options offer gutsy but balanced sounding solid state amps.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 

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I wonder if the OP ever went down their monoblock road, some 7 years after the original question?

Conciser a Pair Of Rogue 120's tube monos,

My all time favorite amps , and not because of the low price.

Killer bass, and not quite tube like in sound. A little older but worth the hunt.

Have had several pairs over the years and would buy another.