Best of both worlds..Image and slam

Hello all, I need some help.I have Wilson Maxx's and Krell 750mcx's,what I'm after is a speaker that will give me the "Maxell" guy sensation,huge bass,mid bass and must image like my Wilsons AND need to be able to handle my 750's without blowing components.I need to be in the 10-12k$ region...Thoughts please
Sounds like you need a few subs to spread around the room, followed up with a high sensitivity monitor that uses at least a 10" midwoofer.
Lenehan ML2 Reference:

I know a guy out my way that was the technical representative or some such thing for Wilson and thinks Lenehan speakers are better. They are lined with steel so are the deadest things you can imagine with dynamics that whack you in the face.

Despite being a standmount they are flat within 1.5db to 35 hz but have useful output to 25hz and the bass is very clean. In comparison to my speakers that are flat to 25hz I couldn't detect any appreciable difference in bass so you are not missing out on much compared to bigger speakers.

They handle ginormous amounts of power no problem.

An upgraded version has recently been released called the Limited Edition with really wild stuff like Cast Capacitors and copper lining instead of steel:

They are however a bit more than $12K but you will be able to get options like Cast Capacators etc to take you most of the way to that speaker for $12K. They are simply the finest speaker I have ever heard and ordered a pair myself.

I live close to the manufacturer and visit there often to check out their gear. I also own an inordinate amount of their stuff. I think I am unbiased but I think full disclosure is important.


Tend to sound almost as big.
Acoustic Zen Crescendo has incredible punch and imaging. I would suggest giving them a listen. A little above your budget new but used ones have come up under 12K, or put your bargaining skills to work if you like what your hear.
OHM 4000 or 5000 would be worth taking a look at. These are where I I would look for amps like those. These are similar to OHM F5 series 3 speakers I use with 500w/ch BelCanto ref1000m amps. The OHMs love power and current and can handle pretty much anything you throws at them pretty efortlessly. Lower price point too if you are interested in saving some $$$s. There is a new OHM F 5015 model as well with limted availability more towards the $10K price point. THese are similar but each also has on board 15" powered subs as well for the ultimate in impact and slam as well as omni imaging.
My system consists of McIntosh's 60th Anniversary edition MC75 power amps and the C-22 pre-amp connected through a McIntosh MQ109 equalizer.
My speakers are Ohms 5015 and this system is producing the deepest and most powerful bass I have ever heard. I've listened to the speakers without the equalizer and they sound good but with the addition of the Mc 109 equalizer this makes all the difference incredible low end punch. Just sharing some of my findings.
Good listening,
Jesse Rods.