Best pairing subwoofer with B & W 805D4

I am looking for those who have experience with this pairing, those whom have the speakers and what they have found to be best subwoofer pairing(s)?

Yes I understand room dynamics, which will be changing, but general recommendations for balanced dynamic range.

Equipment is nothing outrageous;

McIntosh c2700, Audio Research LS2, Krell KSA200s, Krell KST 100, Audio Research DAC2, Jays Audio CDT3 MK3,  Pure Fidelity Harmony.

Thanks for any input, but looking for user that have experienced the speakers!


What’s your budget, and are you looking for new or used?  Are there any size restrictions or limits in number of subs?  I’d highly recommend at least two subs for  a good 2-channel system such as yours if at all possible. 

10 grand will buy some kickass subs! 
couple JL Fathoms would be nice. Very musical and easy to blend with Monitors IMO. 


Well, at that budget I’d look at JL Labs and REL (different approaches), and Rhythmik subs offer very high-value performance as they sell direct.  Neither the REL nor Rhythmic subs include any integration software if that’s an issue.  Obviously B&W makes subs and should work well with their speakers, but I’m not familiar with their performance so can’t offer anything there.  That the others do nothing but subs would sway me in that direction though, FWIW.