Best place to get orientation in buying equipment

I’m new to this and want to buy the best equipment I can afford. What’s the best place to be helped on what to buy ?
Anyone you can recommend in your area? Seems that the internet made the ones in my area close shop

Here is a couple of dealers you may want to deal with. There is Peter at Pbn Audio in San Diego,he’s a pleasure to deal with extremely smart and won’t steal your money. Another person I’d consider would be Charlie over at Stereo Haven a pleasure to talk to and is only out to help you hope this helps enjoy the holidays
+1 for  Peter Noerbaek at PBN. Many years ago when I was in the business, Peter was the national sales manager for Cary Audio. I was the first west coast Cary dealer and Peter was great to work with. At that time, he was also the importer of AudioVector speakers, little known in the US, however they are very good speakers. I would also recommend Echo Audio in my town, Portland, OR. The Music Room in Colorado, and Audio Connection in NJ.
The Music Room here in Colorado if you're  looking for used gear... and if you're looking in Colorado, we have number of good dealers here.  ListenUp is great as is Crescendo fine audio.
Remember to enjoy the music!
Thanks everyone for responding will sure get a oook at all your recommendations 
Try to find a local mentor. Someone who is willing to educate you in the fine art not getting screwed!  A salesperson in a audio shop will only recommend the  products they sell. Also they have house and car payments to make too.  Search for local Audio Clubs. Facebook has tons of Audiophile and related groups. 
" A salesperson in a audio shop will only recommend the products they sell." Well that is certainly not true. When I was in the business, I had a good working relationship with 2 other local dealers. If a customer came in wanting something I didn't carry, I would send him up the street or I would get the item from one of the other dealers to satisfy them. We all did that because we wanted the customer to keep coming back and tell their friends.
Fidelis and Audio Video Therapy in NH are great resources as well as Natural Sounds in Framingham MA. As stated Johnny Rutan at the Audio Connection in NJ is terrific as well as Mark at Reno if you are seeking advice on Pass equipment.
Get to as many places as possible as nothing beats listening.