Best power conditioner?

Audience Adept Response, Walker Audio, Running Springs Audio,any other? Have anyone heard the Black Noise Mains Filters?
And the only way to know for sure if you are getting benefit is to put the conditioner in, do some critical listening and then remove the unit and listen again. If your immediate response is that the overall presentation is improved by its presence, then you have your answer. If not, keep looking.

The only units that have ever made a difference I could clearly hear and that I enjoyed are PS Audio's regenerators, the Premier being the most enjoyable of these.
I am very happy and content with my Monster Power HTS 2500 - I have both int amp, TT and CDP connected and everything sounds better connected to that than directly to the wall (PS Audio outlet) - better soundstage, bass defintion, space around instr etc. The new Isotek conditioner Aquarius is something I'd really like to audiotion, though...
I just replaced my HTS 2500 with the Ps Audio quintet and my jaw hit the the floor as i first turned on the tv to finish the clean up from installing the Quintet ,Power Port Premier and Soloist Premier for the amp. its much better isolation than the monster and quiter, if you do try one get a good after market cable as this will affect the entire chain after it!
I can only compare Monster,Shunyata and Torus,
Why do I even mention monster.
Torus are a superb PIU and shunyata does not even come close.
Their pricey,rare on audiogon or any other site.
the ones that were for sale,the owners went to a bigger Torus.
I picked up a 10a Torus here,just for one of my subs.
I have seen 4 here and my friend picked up two,I picked up a 20a balanced and of course the 10a Torus.
They are transformer based,so for the dynamics of music, they give your amps more amperage when the amps call for it,
50-400a on short term.
these babies take your audio to another level altogether,
MUSICALLY speaking, and you really hear it and that's why
I would never part with these,there that good as I'm sure there are other's.If you can audition one,I bet she won't leave the house.