Best power Cords for DAC

We all have read that, for example, the Anaconda VX and Elrod EPS 2 are prefered for CDPs and the Anaconda VX Alpha and Elrod EPS 3 are prefered for amps (I am clear on the distintion between the "EPS", "EPS Sig." and "EPS Statement".) The question I have is- in a well balanced high resolution system with an Anaconda VX feeding the Meitner modded Phillips transport- which family and version of the above cords would be best for Meitner DAC 6 ? In the past, I've found that the power cord you put on your DAC generally has less influence on the DAC than the cord you put on your transport. I'm looking for a "tad" more smoothness on top. As a card carrying Audiofool I've been indoctrinated into always gravitating to the higher priced components, usually because they DO sound better. In the case of a cord for the DAC, might a Elrod EPS 2 or 3 (Non Signiture) or a previous generation Shunyata (King Cobra 1 or 2) actually be a BETTER cord for this application than the current, much more expensive, flagship cords ?
PSYCHICANIMAL- Funny you should ask- I'm presently running dual (jumped) BYBEE PRO boxes.

CIP57- Is "Genghlis Klan" related to Genghis Khan?
I like what the Blue Circle BC62 has done for my DAC. On a small budget the BC61 is not bad either.
I have tried a number of different power cords on numerous pieces of equipment over the past thiry years, so I've started to understand a little about what works with what and why. Starting with basics, you are best off having a dedicated circuit run from your circuit breaker box to be used only for your audio equipment. You may find that all the outlets around your equipment area are on a single circuit, so this may be easy to accomplish. You can easily test this by plugging a fan or lamp into various outlets and turning breakers on and off. This has proven to me to be the most important element of having stable power and good sound. Secondly, use a good quality power center. I use one that offer serge protection along with low side stabilization. There are several of these on the market. As for power cords, the quality of the plugs, the finish on the spades, and how snugly they fit into outlets seem to be most important. Finally, I am currently using a Mapleshade power cord on my DAC. It meets all the criteria for working well but you will need the ability to properly dress the cord behind your rack because it is not shielded. I was using a Cardas Golden cord before the Mapleshade and switching made a huge difference in the DAC performance as far as the tightness of the bass extension and the sparkle of the high end. The Mapleshade is also about half the price of the Cardas. Hope this is food for thought.