Best preamp for Conrad-Johnson

I have a Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a and was wondering what the best matching preamp would be. I'm considering the CJ Premier 14, the VTL 5.5TL and the Audio Research LS16
i've heard both the triode and ultralinear preimer 11 with the premier 14 and 16ls. they both sounded good. but the 16ls was the clear winner. i've heard the audio research ls16 together with their classic 60 and their 100 watt offering (the classic 100?). that too was a nice sounding pre-amp. but you already knew or figured that. i've not heard it together with cj gear. sorry i'm not able to be more helpful. good luck.
Bone, I'm running the MF-2500 with the 14LS. I auditioned the 17 (updated 14) and while it's nice, I don't find it improved enough over the 14 to warrant the purchase. I am, however, moving toward the purchase of the 16LS--more of everything (including twice the price, unfortunately); truly a "mini" ART. If you want a perfect 14 with extra matched tubes, let me know at BTW, the Premier series preamps are an excellent match with c-j tubed amps.