Best S Video Cable

I have a older Plasma TV by Pioneer with NO HDMI hook up but does have the 3 colored RCA and S video hook up.

Is the S video the best of my selection and if so what is the best brand to by.

I need a 6' run.
Are the 3 colors yellow, white & red OR red, blue & green.
If it is the second, that is the best way to connect to it. If you have componant output from your source.
If not email me I can sell you a Tributary S video cable for cheep.
Hevac1 is quite correct. Component (rbg) is the way to go, assuming that your source is component. If using Laser Disc as a source, S-Video will likely be superior.

The Tributaries Silver Series, both S-Video and Component are Excellent cables.
I have Audioquest Cinemaquest RBG. Is there a better brand than this such as the Tributaries Silver Series?
I am a big fan of everything that Wireworld builds for video

BTW I have been very happy with my Tributary S - but I have not tried their component cables

Definitely worth taking the time to read what Blue Jean Cables has to say - they are always a price value leader
Does your source equipment have RGB also?
You can also buy a switcher that will convert composite, s-video and componant, all with analog or digital audio to componant and analog/digital audio output.
You can check they carry switchers and such.
This sould take care any issues you might has now and in the near future to your existing monitor.
S video only will pass a 480I (interlaced) signal meaning there is 240 vertical and 240 horizontal and where they meet that interlaced, your cable connection with red, blue and green (component) will pass signal of 480P (progressive) 720P, up to 1080I depending on how high your monitor will output, but even if its 480P max that means you will have 480 pure lines of horizontal resolution and no lines will intersect causing distortion. Make sure your DVD player and cable box is set to the matching progressive setting for best picture. The Plasma should be 720P capable but thats a guess on my part.
I know you didnt ask but thought this info would benefit you......cheers
As long as they are short and 75 ohm I do not think there is much of a differance in componant cable. They do not carry as much information as most other video cables.