best SACD player

Wich is the best CD/SACD player (particular on sacd sound) in range 1000/4000$?


Another vote for the Marantz Ruby, I love mine, but eventually will be moving up to the new Luxman D-07X sacd player.



You cannot go wrong with Luxman nor Marantz.


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@tim_p hi, have you compared both? I mena the rubi vs the D 07x? Would be interested to know. Maybe some insights about the Luxman D05u ? Im considering some of this:

Luxman D05u

Marantz saki ruby

Denon dcd 110



Update us- did you purchase a CD/SACD player?


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A used Esoteric is tremendous value. There is a used Esoteric X-03 on A’gon right now for $3,500:

Esoteric X-03

In 2017 I bought a used Esoteric DV-50S for $900. It is now 18 years old and still going strong. Are there newer units that can best it? Absolutely! But not for $900.

I tested its DAC against my Denafrips Venus II. The Venus had a slight edge over the DV-50S. But it was very close.