Best single volume guide to classical music

For a Valentine’s Day present.  Preferably fun to read.  Doesn’t need to get deep into minuscia. At this point in our evolution, I could imagine one with QR codes to take the reader to great performances of pieces.  Or a downloadable supplement!  But I doubt that exists.  Anyhow - thanks in advance. 


The Penguin Guide is pretty good for choosing specific recordings, but is not that great a guide for determining which specific piece is significant or a good introduction to a particular composer or type of music. It is unfortunate that the Penguin Guide has not been updated for more that a dozen years or so.  But, some other people have used the Penguin ratings for identifying the better recordings that can be bought from their site.  The very best recordings that are contained in the Penguin Guide earn a "Rosette."  You can find lists of Rosette winners by googling Penguin rosette.  This particular website has Rosette winners categorized by different musical eras which is quite helpful:




I can recommend "Classical Music - The 50 Greatest Composers and Their 1,000 Greatest Works" by Phil Goulding, 1992.