Best sounding amp/preamp for Snell Type E/ll model speakers?

What is the best sounding amplifier/preamp or integrated choice to use with Snell type E floor standing speakers? They are efficient. Specs: 91db Sensitivity, 4-6 ohm Impedance. I hooked them up to a Cambridge Audio Azure integrated (65-70 watts per channel). They sing and sound lovely, that wonderful bass and sound the company was famous for but I  and wonder if they could sound better with a different amp? Are they best with tubes? At some point I am going to pull the trigger on a Freya Plus or Quicksilver preamp but not anytime soon. Other associated equipment I can use now: Adcom 5400 amp, B&K Ref 200 amp, B&K Sonata Pro preamp, Apt Holman Preamp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


I have a pair of Snell E's. Any combination of your preamps and amps will sound fine! No need for tube gear. 

I run E lV with refurbished Parasound HCA-1000a and sounds great...when I had my first pair (bought new 25 years ago) I used a refurbished Yamaha CA-810 integrated with great success,..

They made a separates, like the PV 10 through 14 preamps along with a matching amp for a while, then at least briefly an integrated.  Either route is a good one.

Funny how your list is like a time machine.  I sold Snell during that vintage.  I owned that vintage B&K.  We found most customers underpowered them and tried to get away with 60wpc like a Roberts.  The Hafler 200 would run them fairly well and the Audio Research kicked them hard.  Big AR, like mono block strong.

No need for tubes if you don't want them, but the SS should be current strong with great damping factor.  We found this load a bit tricky at times.  It's a lot of speaker.

If you can get your hands on a Luxman or Accuphase integrated with 100wpc, it might really surprise you how the speaker opens up and the bass foundation tightens up.  Those amps you mentioned, if original, have to be suffering from caps drying up and therefore are not up to spec.  Best of luck finding your best results.

I owned Luxman for my first 20 years of hi-fi then let it go, I know that sweet sound you mention. My Adcom is in great shape. I can try it with the Apt Holman preamp. I sold my Hafler DH 200 last year (mistake). Thanks for the suggestions. There will be another Schitt product in my system at some point, hope it is the Freya. Happy Holidays!

if you're liking your Cambridge, maybe just a step up the the Azur 851A Integrated might do it for you...I have one and it is quite good, more powerful and better sounding than the model you have...