Best Sounding Passive Preamp

What is the best sounding inexpensive passive preamp? I may have to send my preamp in for repair which could take a while and I don't want to be without music. My top priority is sound, but I don't want to spent a lot of money as I will be putting my preamp back in system upon return. Help please.
I have the Chase RLC preamp. It has a remote control and 4 inputs with balance, mute, bass and treble all controled by the remote. Stereophile mag gave it its blessing as being transparent. If u have a preamp without a remote control, u can connect the Chase into the tape monitor and then u will have a remote control of ur volume!
Find Brad at Virtual Mode in Connecticut. Extremely well-regarded inexpensive passive preamps.
I assume that your source has enough output to directly drive your amplifier. If your source has the ability to control it's output level why not scrap the passive preamp and go directly to the power amp. You will eliminate any unwanted coloration or noise and certainly save yourself a few dollars. After all, a passive preamp is only an attenuator.
If your looking for a passive, you should really go to Rick Schulzes site his EVS passives are the best out there and very reasonable. Back in the day I had one in my system and it was great. In the end I had to go with tubes but I had one for 6 years in my system. Stereophile had them as Class A (for what thats worth). Best-Gary
You should look at Placette. Not as inexpensive as these others, perhaps, but state-of-the-art sonics. Plus, in-home 30 day trial.